Terms & Conditions of Entry in WMAC events

Please read - if submitting an entry into WMAC you agree to the Terms & Conditions

By entering any WMAC event, I hereby release the World Martial Arts Championships (WMAC) or related national competition (AMAC, JMAC, NZMAC, SLMAC etc) or sanctioned tournaments, promoters and anyone connected in any way with these Championships from any liability in connection with this tournament of any injuries which could be sustained by participation in such.

I assume all responsibility for any and all damages, injuries, death, and losses that may be sustained or incurred while attending or participating in this tournament.

I understand any medical treatment will be of First Aid only and a thorough medical check will need to be done at my own expense and time.

I declare all information on this form is true and correct; any misrepresentation will lead to a disqualification without any refund. Divisions could be merged or cancelled, no refunds. Images and photos of me taken at the tournament may be used for promotional purposes, without compensation to me. No Refunds will be given. Credits will be given towards future regional tournaments and/or merchandise within that calendar years. Regional tournaments are not the Titles (State Titles etc) events or National events.

I understand the application details maybe be audited at anytime and I will need to provide proof of truthfulness, such as age (via birth certificate, drivers license etc).

I understand should I breech the rules of WMAC - I maybe be suspended or expelled from future tournaments including any invitational events. Should I bee disqualified or suspended - no refunds will be provided to me for any fees paid.

I have read and understood the conditions of entry, and I have read and understood the rules and regulations, and I agree and accept them totally.

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