The best athletes in any country or Region will be eligible to compete at a National Titles and in International events. The ‘Qualification Criteria’ is outline below.



Qualifying for the State/Provincial/Prefecture Titles



•   Athletes must participate in a minimum of two (2) WMAC rounds (The 2 rounds can be in any State/Provincial/Prefecture or Regional event held or sanctioned by WMAC).

•   Place in the top 10 of any division over the two (2) rounds.

•   Excludes Fun Events Sword and Sumo.



By competing in two (2) WMAC rounds athletes get tournament practice under WMAC rules and maintain their training to perform well at their State/Provincial/Prefecture Titles and on to the National Titles. Athletes are encouraged to participate in as many additional WMAC events as they desire to improve their skills, knowledge of the rules and experience. The minimum is two (2) WMAC rounds per annum prior to the State/Provincial/Prefecture Titles.



Qualifying for any National Titles



•   Place in the top 10 of any division at the athletes own State/Provincial/Prefecture Titles

(excluding Fun Events Sword and Sumo).

•   If you did not qualify in your home State/Provincial/Prefecture or seek to achieve additional State/Provincial/Prefecture Titles placings, you may travel to another State/Provincial/Prefecture and attempt qualification under a different State/Provincial/Prefecture Titles.



Qualifying for the National Squad



•   Place in the top 5 of any division to receive an invitation to become an National Squad Member (excluding Fun Events Sword and Sumo).

•   The athlete MUST commit to participate in two (2) squad training clinics.

•   On approval by the National Head Coach you will be invited to represent your country, your club and themselves internationally at differing events held by WMAC e.g. Australia, Japan, New Zealand, USA etc.

•   An international ‘code of conduct’ MUST be upheld at all times by the athlete, instructor or any associates of the athlete.

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