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Below are all the documents that are relevant to the rule of WMAC.

Note: these are all PDF files and the will all open up in a NEW browser window. Alternatively, you can right click and selects "Save as..." or whatever the equivalent might be in the browser you are using.

WMAC Championships Rules

Sanctioned Event Rules

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WMAC Rules

Full WMAC Rules

Protective Gear Equipment

WMAC Approved protective gear for all Sparring events

WMAC Divisions

Entry Form Confirmation & Divisions

WMAC Full Contact Rules

Entry Form Confirmation & Divisions

Officials' Hand Signals

Hand signals will be very similar in both
Points Sparring and Freestyle Sparring.
Where there are differences they will be indicated.

Level of Contact

WMAC Contact Levels Summary Chart


Comparison of Divisions Chart

WMAC Sparring Events Comparison Table

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