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Q:Who can become an official?

A:Advanced level and Black Belt/Grade Martial Artists are eligible to become an official. Advanced level and Black Belt/Grade Martial Arts aged 14-17 years can apply to join the Junior League of Officials.


Q:What equipment and uniform do I need as an Official?

A:A whistle and the official’s uniform. The uniform consists of a white long sleeved shirt, black trousers, black socks, black shoes and the official tie. The tie can be purchased through your national WMAC directors.


Q:Who can become a table official?

A:Competitors, instructors, coaches and supporters can all apply to be table officials to help with scorekeeping and timekeeping. Training is provided and no martial arts experience is necessary.

Q:Are there different grades of officials?

A:Yes. The AMAC Officials scale ranges from Class J to Class A, where Class A is the highest level - International Referee. J is a Junior League official, and Class E is entry level for an adult official who has just started training as an official. All new officials will start at Class E (regardless of previous experience elsewhere) until they have demonstrated (and been examined for) their skill at officiating and knowledge of the rules.

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