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Online Table Official Exam

You think you've got what it takes to be a Table official at AMAC or WMAC? Why not try the exam below. It's really quite easy, and once you've done this you'll only have to complete the practical part of the exam  i.e. actually BE a table official at a couple of the tournaments.


Why should you become a table official?

A tournament is only as good as it's officials - and that INCLUDES Table Officials. If scores aren't kept properly, and athletes are not called up properly, then the competition suffers. As a table official, you are helping to keep a ring run smoothly. 

That's all good for the athletes. What's in it for me?

There's no denying that most officials at martial arts tournaments are there because someone they are connected to is competing, be it a student, their child, sibling, parent, or a spouse or partner. This applies to ALL officials at AMAC - right up to the top level referees. They are ALL there because they are doing for the love of the martial arts and to promote the martial, and are not getting any financial benefit from it - well - except for a free lunch.

So, to thank all those who volunteer their time, once you've qualifed as a fully-fledged Table Offficial, you (because you could be a martial artist too) or an immediate family member (child, sibling, parent, or a spouse or partner) or student may compete free on the day that you are a table official.

Did we mention the free lunch?

Try the exam below and the results will be available immediately, and they will be reported back to the National Technical Commissioner as well so if you notify us that you're going to be at certain venue, you can be evaluated on the day.

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