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Apply to Become a WMAC Official

I, the person filling in the form below, request to apply to join the National Technical Commission (NTC) of the Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC), as a registered tournament official.

  1. I commit to acting and operating within the guidelines as set by AMAC Code of Conduct.

  2. I further commit not to be involved in any adverse actions or discussions that affect or cause bias against Martial Artists, coaches, supporters, styles, clubs, or other AMAC officials.  If I feel the need to express an opinion about the character of any of the above I will do so in a private meeting with the relevant State representative, being the State or Tournament Technical Commissioner, and/or seek the guidance of the National Technical Commissioner.  

  3. I commit to attending all accreditation seminars and workshops required to become an AMAC official and commit to executing my duties according to the rules set by AMAC.

  4. As a member of the AMAC National Technical Commission, I will report to the State Technical Commissioner (STC), the National Technical Commissioner, and any of their appointed representatives.. 

  5. I will act in accordance with all directions set by the NTC and commit to representing the NTC with honesty and integrity throughout my term as an AMAC official.

  6. I understand that I may be disqualified from my position and relinquish all rank and privileges as an AMAC official if the NTC deems I have breached the Code of Conduct and/or behaved or acted in such a way that discredits the nature and goodwill of the AMAC Code of Conduct.

  7. I understand and hereby pledge to accept the accreditation requirements of AMAC to advance my accreditation level.

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