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Oceania Titles 2020

& Kyokushin Oceania Titles 

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March 21 & 22

Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger

in association with








Open event for ALL STYLES & Organisations

Organised by WMAC, Lion Bushido Karate Academy and KIKO Kyokushi with the Arnold Sports Festival, Australia

You do not need to be part of the AMAC Australian Squad to compete in this event - no qualification required

Qualify to compete in the USA - be part of the AMAC/USMAC team (only from this event)

Kyokushin Event

This event is all the full contact division of WMAC sanctioned by Kyokushin International Karate Organisation - KIKO.

Any questions feel free to contact Kancho Doug Turnbull on 0414 600 439 or

Address: Melbourne Convention Centre - 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VICTORIA 3006

All Rules under WMAC conditions

More details Contact: ""







Read the instructions how to enter - it's easy.

Download / Print the application and information sheets below - Enter the event via Online Only

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International Karate Organisation
Oceania Titlles 2020 Fact Sheet cover_KI
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Fact - Information Sheet

Fact - Information Sheet

Application Information Form

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