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WMACs new Covid Safe Procedures

We will do all what we can to ensure everyone remains safe


  1. All Junior Events entry & registration 8.30am.

  2. All Adult entry & registration 12.00pm.

  3. Spectators – only online tickets allowed entry (No door tickets sale or entry).

  4. Once each athlete completes his/her divisions for the events – are asked to leave the venue to allow capacity for others to enter.

  5. Unlimited spectator online tickets allowed for athlete (however once capacity of the venue is achieved ticket sales will close).

  6. All athletes and spectators need to show they have Hand Sanitisers with them.

  7. All athletes need to have their own sparring protective equipment – no sharing allowed.

  8. At the mats – only the competing athletes, all other athletes seating every second mat.

  9. All other athlete not competing Must be adhering to Social Distancing rules (1.5 metres separation).

  10. Officials to practice social distancing too - between athletes and spectators - exception in need of first aid (with caution and assistance with First Aid).

  11. No Handshakes, just bowing to be allowed.

  12. No Kiai (Yell) in any division and performance is required.

  13. Officials can use whistles with face masks – voice commands only.

  14. Referees may wear masks/gloves.

  15. Table officials to wear gloves and face masks (optional).

  16. Registration entry officials to wear gloves and face masks.

  17. First Aid will be on hand with the above requirements.

Full Procedures here - Covid-Safe Face to Face event - procedures


For more information contact

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