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Japan Martial Arts Championships


Welcome to JMAC, the Japan Martial Arts Championships. In April 2012 we held our first JMAC tournament, held at the Ariake Sport Centre, with the Australian Squad attending, as well as some athletes from New Zealand. It was well received, with Kancho Katsuaki Sato (the first Kyokushin World Champion and founder of Sato Juku) gracing us with his presence. Kancho Yoshiji Soeno, also formerly of Kyokushin and the founder of Shidokan karate was also present.

The event even made it to Australian TV due the the success of one of the Australian Squad, who won the men's full contact division


JMAC 2016

In 2016 the event will be held at the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club - an almost 150 year old club, the oldest sport and social club in Japan,  established by a Scotsman who lived there and really wanted to play cricket! You can find more information about the interesting history of this venue on their website

 24th of April 2016

Athlete registratoin : 9:00am
Tournament start : 10:00am.
Finish : approximately 4:30pm.

Action Star Audition

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