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World Martial Arts Championships

2014 Queensland R1

Queensland Round 1 results are now available on the website.


NZMAC and Coffs Harbour results

The results for 2014 NZMAC Round 1 and Coffs Harbour (NSW) results are now available on. Queensland Round 1 is coming up this weekend, and then the year should be well and truly on it's way!


Sydney Round 1 Results

We're off and running! The first tournament of the year took place in Sydney today with Round 1. The results are already up on the website. It was good to see some of the old faces and some new ones, and we're looking forward to it continuing into the year. Thanks to all of  you who helped to give the year such a good start!


New AMAC/NZMAC rules

We're pleased to announce that we've released the 2014 version of the WMAC rules. For the most part, the changes are not significant, and consist mainly of rule clarifications or expansion of certain parts. We've added a section on the different types of officiating that might take place, and renamed the Freestyle forms divisions as Xtreme forms, with additional explanation of the criteria for these divisions. We strongly recommend that you download the latest version to ensure that won't disadvantage yourself due to a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of the rules.


Sydney Round 3 Date Change

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Sydney Round 3 date has been changed from 27th July to 3rd August. The entry form has been updated and can be downloaded from the AMAC events page.


NZCMAC forms available

Entry forms for Rounds 1 and 2 for NZMAC are now available for download.


Welcome to 2014!

Welcome to the New Year, and we hope you had as good a holiday break as we did! There are have been a number of updates to the website. Most importantly, all the dates and entry forms for Rounds 1-3 (where appropriate) have been posted for all the participating States. We have also posted the application forms for the NSW and QLD Squad camps, though if you were going you should probably have had your entries in earlier.

The entry form for the All Australia Karate Championships & Sydney Junior games has also been posted.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming revised rule set. We've made a few changes to the rules document, mostly to enhance your understanding of them, some name changes, and a few minor changes to the rules themselves, which are geared towards further improving the level of competition we already have at AMAC.