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World Martial Arts Championships

KRMAS Central West Championships - Results

The results for the Kumiai Ryu Central West Championships are now available. This was an open AMAC sanctioned event, accessible to all martial arts styles. The next one will be the Kumiai Ryu National Championships, and will only be available to Kumiai Ryu students. Go here for details and forms.


NSW State Titles Results

The results of the NSW State Titles held today are now available. Today was one of the biggest AMAC tournaments to date, and with it we also heralded the new positions of Tournament Marshals, to monitor, mentor, and  coordinate the officials on the rings, so that the ring officials can continue doing the best job possible without having to worry about any other distractions. Congratulations to Shihan Andrew Roubas and Kancho Johannes Wong on their new positions of responsibility!


NZMAC R2 results and Titles form

The NZMAC Round 2 results are now available, and the NZMAC North Island Titles entry form is also ready for download. This is an open event for New Zealanders, and anyone can enter. Get your form and send it in soon The tournament will take place on the 16th of November.


Final Rounds Results - Victoria and ACT

The last of the Regional preliminary rounds have were completed last weekend, and the results are available for both. The Victorian results are here, and the ACT results are here. Now onwards and upwards to the various State Titles. Make sure you send your entry forms in on time!


Queensland R3 and Port Macquarie Results

For all those keen to see how everyone went, the latest results on the site are for last weekend's Queensland Round 3 and the Port Macquarie events. The next one coming up this weekend is ACT Round2. After that, we're on to the various State Titles already.


AMAC Sanctioned Kumiai Ryu Tournaments

We are pleased to announce two AMAC sanctioned tournaments, hosted by Kyoshi Kevin Blundell's Kumiai Ryu organisation. The first is the Central West Open Championships, to be held in Cowra and it is open to anyone interested in competing. The form is can be downloaded from here.

The second event is the Kumiai Ryu National Championships and this is only open to members and students of Kumiai Ryu. The forms for this can be downloaded from here


Newcastle and AAKC/SJG results

The results of the 2014 AMAC Newcastle tournament and the AMAC sanctioned All Australia Karate Championships & Sydney Junior Games results have been posted. Apologies for the delay in posting them. 


Sydney Round 3 Results

The results of Sydney Round 3 have been posted. This was the last opportunity to qualify for the State Titles in Sydney. If you're still not eligible, you have one more chance in Port Macquarie on the 17th of August, in 2 weeks. You can download the entry form here.


ACT Change of Venue

WE have a new venue for the ACT Championships. It's practically next door to the old one. The new one is called the AIS Combat Centre and it's in the Conference Facilities (Sports Training Facility). You can download a revised map of the AIS, and it's marked as the AIS Combat Hall. The entry form on this website has also been updated accordingly.