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About WMAC

WMAC was founded in 2007 in Australia by Peter Mylonas, Shihan of Kempo Ryu International Karate Organisation. The Australian national arm of WMAC (AMAC – the Australian Martial Arts Championships) had already been established in 1995, and had been a popular and successful annual event.

Initially, AMAC was the National Championships for Kempo Ryu, based in Sydney, Australia. This event was attended by all styles of Martial Arts and was one of Australia’s fastest growing events.

In 2007 AMAC became a National Circuit and WMAC was formed as the parent body, both for AMAC and any other countries that would like to develop their own Martial Arts Championships (xMAC) circuit.

In 2007 Shihan Mylonas invited Shihan Doug Turnbull (IFK Kyokushin) to join the WMAC team – they had shared many years of friendship in the Martial Arts world and it was deemed right for the two to work on a worthy cause such as WMAC.

Both teams of Shihan Mylonas and Shihan Turnbull became involved to ensure the growth of WMAC.

World Titles

Every 3 years

Each country brings a team of competitors who have qualified at their National Championships, as well as the team that participated at the last International Regional Championships.

International Regional Titles

Every 2 years

This is held in separate regions globally; Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas. Each team qualifies for this at their local National Championships.

National Titles

Every year

Each participating country will run a National Tournament, after having run a series of qualifying local tournaments, at whatever level is seen as manageable, depending on the size and distribution of Martial Arts in that country.